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If you got me for the SSHG...

...then here are a few things you might be wondering about, so pull up a chair here in the Common Room (pay no attention to that head in the fireplace) and let's chat.

For your reference:
Fic prompts
Art prompts (with wants/anti-wants)

First, I'm pretty easy to please as far as taking the prompt and running with it; it's meant to plant a seed that you water and tend and shape as you see fit; whether it grows into a radish or a rose -- or a redwood for that matter -- makes no never mind to me. The Muse is a shy creature and I know better than to try to corral her too tightly. Second, I'm pretty easy to please in terms of rating: I don't require smut by any means, but if the Muse takes you that way and it suits the plot, go ahead and have them get nekkid and get busy. Third, I'm pretty easy to please in terms of genre: I don't care if you go with madcap humor or angsty darkness so long as the tale hangs together and makes sense. That's really the main thing I enjoy: a good solid story, and my tastes are pretty catholic (with a small 'c').

I don't like out-of-character: no affectionate, gooey, emotional Snape; no damsel-in-distress clothing-obsessed Hermione. This is not to say, of course, that Snape can't be (or fall) in love, or that Hermione can't get herself into trouble or enjoy dressing to the nines (for the proper occasion), if that's the way the Muse takes you, but within the parameters of who they are in canon. People do grow and change, and if the story is set years after the books then I'd expect them to have changed somewhat...but as Prof. Grubbly-Plank says, a leopard never changes all his (or her) spots, yes? (One small particular request: please no pregnancy/babies/children.)

I'm big on eyes and shoulders. I like witty banter. UST that finally gets resolved is particularly fine. I like magic to play a role in the story (these are witches and wizards, after all, not Muggles). I enjoy descriptions that employ more senses than just the visual. Bonus points for inclusion of any of the following: food porn (tasty meals, good wine), because I love to eat; a library or archive, even in passing, because I'm a total library slut; McGonagall, even if it's just a cameo, because I love her; brand new spells/magic of your own invention.

Art-wise, I'm partial to William Morris, Arthur Rackham, Maurice Sendak, Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Salvador Dali. The only color I really can't stand is orange, so you're wide open there :)

Most important of all: I know the effort it takes to carve out time from one's other commitments to write or draw or create, and the mere fact that you're creating something for me is enormously generous. Never for a moment think that I don't appreciate it. If you have fun with it, I'm sure I will too :)



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