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Beating a story into (a) submission

September is my writing group's twice-yearly Short Story In A Week, aka SSIAW. In years past, though my goals have been lofty I've never managed more than two stories out of a potential four (or, if you're a glutton for punishment, eight). I vowed that this time...yes, this time would be different. I even attempted to plan for it by not scheduling any freelance work, intending to devote all my free time to the creation of fabulous original tales of surpassing craftiness and wonder.

Alas, the best laid p's of m & m etc. etc. etc.

I was seduced by its list of readings into a fall semester course in Early Modern Fantasy (this week I learned what an ekphrasis is) so have pages of readings. A freelance job that was scheduled for August lagged two weeks, so is in-house now. I will be out of town for a week at the end of the month. And to really put the Dementor's Kiss on things, I signed up for not one but TWO fests; a quick glance had told me that deadlines were in October, i.e. safely after SSIAW, but my mad calendrical skillz failed to translate this into "Yo, bitch, 'due October 1' means writing like crazy in September..."

Curse you, brain with too many interests!!!

However, all of that notwithstanding, I HAVE TRIUMPHED: I have written and subbed a story for the first week of SSIAW. Yes! I rock!!!! It's based on the The Marriage of Sir Gawain, aka Gawain and the Loathly Lady, particularly this bit:

Then shee said, choose thee, gentle Gawaine
truth as I doe say,
wether thou wilt haue me in this liknesse
in the night or else in the day

It took until 3:30am last night/this morning, it's as rough as a dirt road in Texas and the pacing is abysmal, but it's got good bone structure and when I have time to polish it up I think it will really shine. I even managed to work in a nicely apt Greek mythological reference via a character name; we'll see if anyone picks up on it.

I am pleased. Also tired. But mostly pleased. Only three more weeks/stories to go! ::collapses in a heap::



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