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Just to be clear

So, just to be sure we're all clear on this: That was the MOLT I was posing with, NOT the actual spider. Please don't think me braver stupider than I actually am lol (For those of you want to look at it again, which may be none of you heheh, note how stiff the legs are and the clump of tissue filling the abdomen. Those are, er, "dead" giveaways!)

Also my apologies for not putting the picture behind a cut. I should have done, so as not to freak people out. There are things I just really do not want to see ever, and for some people, spiders are that. So sorry, guys!!

Here's the really funny part, though: when my brother and I were kids, he had snakes, rats and tarantulas. Our bedrooms were right next to each other, downstairs in a walkout basement. I had recurring nightmares that the spider had escaped and was sitting in my face. I swore that when *I* was a grownup, I would NEVER have those creepy things in my house no never not ever.

And now, here I am, *mumble* years later, with Mr Psmith, a room-full of tarantulas and snakes, and I'm letting him pose the damn thing's exoskeleton on my face.

Oh karma, you are a bitch, aren't you??

The things we do for love

Mr Psmith's biggest tarantula, Shelob, molted last week. He asked if I would kindly allow him to pose it on my face. In a moment of insanity (or possibly due to the three glasses of wine I had had), I said yes.


Is it just me...

...or is there something fundamentally wrong about this bit of end-of-semester marketing?

When memes attack

teddyradiator tagged me with this meme, for which I thank her most sincerely since it's gotten me to sit down and do an LJ entry after far too long.

Fandom MemeCollapse )

Writing MemeCollapse )

And now, I tag mundungus42, amorette, and anna_bird.

Ye Ancient Mastiffe

Our dog turned 11 last week. This is VERY old for an English mastiff! This is how she looked when we reminded her of her birthday:

Fat quarters by the ton

Are any of you out there quilters or fabric crafters? Mr Psmith's aunt died last month and we've been helping clean out her house, so our garage now contains 28 large bags of "fat quarters" -- a total of maybe 1600 pieces of fabric, all colors and patterns, all 100% cotton, never used, never washed. They sell at quilting stores for $2-$4 each but we'd be happy to get $1.50 each, and we'd go lower if you want more than 50.

If anyone wants any, let me know. I could send photos, or if you just want to tell me colors and how many, I can pack up a box.

Need a plot? Get it here!

Short on prompts for that next fest? Desperate for an idea for your next original fic? Try PLOTTO: THE MASTER BOOK OF PLOTS!

The author, William Wallace Cook (1867-1933), knows whereof he speaks: he wrote more than a hundred novels under at least two names for pulp publisher Street & Smith, with titles like At daggers drawn, or, A pearl beyond price and Fools for luck, or, Caught in a strange trap.

I can't wait to track down a copy of this :)
"All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?!"

Who's writing this crap??

Obviously the script has some major issues:

Twenty biggest world history plot holes

I like this one particularly: "13. A plague wipes out vast quantities of Europeans, and then shows up randomly later? Obvious sequel bait." XD



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